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As a personal concierge, you need to decide what services you provide, and who your clients will be. You might specialize in one area, such as lining up tickets for concerts or special events; others might focus on corporate clients, or doing shopping errands for people. You need to be thinking about the services you want to offer. Check out the various resources we’ve listed below to help you get your concierge service going.

Our Creativity

The pesonal Concierge is an exclusive personal and professional concierge service where busy people come to get their errands and projects done. We pride ourselves in offering the white-glove effect to the concierge service.

Our Passion

We offer the following categories of service: Personal, College, Senior and Corporate concierge services to help busy professionals, families and seniors keep their lives in order. We focus on building a trusting relationship with our clients.

Our Expertise

Let us give you the opportunity to spend your time as you wish, while we simplify, organize, plan and supervise the projects you find stressful or overwhelming. Free time is no longer a dream; it becomes an exclusive luxury with our expert care and dedication to every customer’s unique needs.


  • Personal and Home Concierge Services

    Personal Assistant Services, Errand-Running Services,Personal Shopper Services,Private Chef ServicesRelocation Services,Event Planning

  • Travel & Destination Management

    Airport Meet & Greet Services,Comprehensive Travel Arrangements,Creative & Luxurious Weekend Getaways,Hotel & Resort Reservations,Spa, Golf, & Tennis Vacations,Chauffer & Transportation Services

  • First Class Entertainment

    Party & Event Planning Services,Theater and Performing Arts Tickets,Concert & Sporting Event Tickets,Dining Reservations,First Class Entertainment,VIP Special Event Packages,Procurement of sold out tickets

  • Business & Corporate Concierge Services

    Employee Benefit Services,Travel Arrangements,Dinner Reservations,Errand-Running Services ,Courier Services,Event Coordination and Implementation

  • Health and Wellness + Senior Care Services

    Checking in via phone or in person,Arranging meal deliveries,Massage,Personal Trainer,Yoga,Grocery shopping and other errands,Refilling prescriptions,Screening calls

  • Travel Arrangements

    Airline ticket arrangements,Rental car arrangements,Hotel & resort arrangements,Travel Security Assistance,Pet Sitters or Transportation,Destination information

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Our Latest News

Cruises Servises

Perks like free cocktails, an exclusive hangout and a concierge who makes restaurant and spa reservations are not limited to small-ship, luxury cruises. Several big-ship cruise lines wanting to coddle frequent cruisers and passengers residing in high-rent suites are now offering members-only concierge lounges as an attractive perk.

Airplane Services

with our exclusive Flight Concierge Service, which handles every detail of the flight experience. That experience starts with your first call to us, and doesn’t end until you arrive home.From water selections to hand crafted chocolates from Paris and imported orchids, our guests trust their private concierge to deliver the highly personalized service that makes luxury charters special.

Resort services

We’ve all been there—you start researching a restaurant and before you know it you’re on a totally different trail. Or, even worse, you become so engrossed with the myriad of possibilities that you spend more time planning your dinner than you do actually enjoying it.